maandag 9 augustus 2010

Zara & Chanel

Dior Adore got some kids, twins to be exactly, Zara & Chanel. I gave them a make-over & here they are!
I couldn't choose how to upload them, as teen or as young-adult, but I uploaded them as Young-adult. You can always change it. If you wanted to see them as teens too, I show you picture(s) of them as teens.

Zara (Teen)

Zara (Young-adult)

Chanel (Teen)

Chanel ( Young-adult)

Zara's List

Chanel's List

All the CC that I didn't call (because I don't know where I got them) are .sims3packagefiles. So if you download Zara or Chanel in the .sims3packagefile, You'll have her completly.




Where do I install .savedsimfiles?
Save the file here:
C:\Users\Name\ Documents\Electronic Arts\De Sims 3\SavedSims

How do I install .sims3packagefiles?
-Save the file here:
C:\Users\Name\Documents\Electronic Arts\De Sims 3\Downloads
-Then open the Sims3menu
-Go to Downloads in the list
-Select the sim and choose install

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